Innovative Auto Trim Components Collection

Diverse, high-quality components for automotive excellence

Interior Assembly Parts

Discover excellence in automotive design with GBOGAR’s Interior Assembly Parts. We lead the industry as a world-class supplier, offering an array of high-quality products, including polyurethane foam, EP, XLPE, and more. Our commitment to surpassing customer expectations ensures cutting-edge solutions for the automotive, telecommunications, electronics, and air conditioning industries. Elevate your projects with GBOGAR—where innovation meets precision, delivering unparalleled quality in every interior assembly part.

Assy Parts

Console Armrest

GBOGAR’s Console Armrest Assy Parts redefine automotive comfort and functionality. We’re a world-class supplier committed to exceeding customer expectations. Our diverse product range, including polyurethane foam, EP, XLPE, and more, ensures superior quality. Elevate your automotive experience with GBOGAR—a trusted name delivering precision and innovation in Console Armrest Assy Parts for a seamless and comfortable driving experience.

Gear Boot Assy Parts

GBOGAR’s Gear Boot Assy Parts epitomise automotive excellence, a testament to our commitment as a world-class trim component supplier. Crafting innovative solutions with polyurethane foam, EP, XLPE, and more, our products surpass industry standards. With an unwavering dedication to quality, we strive to exceed customer expectations, offering precise Gear Boot Assy Parts. Whether it’s for automotive, telecommunication, electronics, or air conditioning, GBOGAR consistently delivers top-tier components. Trust us to elevate your driving experience, ensuring a seamless blend of comfort, style, and durability with our meticulously crafted Gear Boot Assy Parts.

Assy Parts

GBOGAR’s Assy Parts epitomise excellence in automotive components, showcasing our commitment as a premier trim supplier. Our diverse range includes polyurethane foam, EP, XLPE, and more, meeting the highest industry standards. With an unwavering focus on quality, we exceed customer expectations by providing precision-engineered ASY parts. Whether for automotive, telecommunication, electronics, or air conditioning, GBOGAR delivers cutting-edge solutions, ensuring optimal performance, durability, and innovation in every assembly part.


Hardboard delivers the benefits of real wood. Low cost. Automotive hardboard is less expensive than other plastics and composite materials used for interior hard trim applications. high strength and stiffness. Plain fibre hard board is made from fresh wood fibre and environmental glue. We usually use poplar wood, pine wood, eucalyptus wood, and other hard woods as materials to make MDF and HDF. The thickness of the board ranges from 2mm to 6mm. The standard size of plain Hardboard, MDF, and HDF is 1220x2440mm. Density ranges from 850 kg/m3 to 950 kg/m3. The surface is very smooth, and the density curve is perfect. Low emissions of formaldehyde and high-density fibre board

Luggage Side Assy Parts

Elevate your automotive aesthetics with GBOGAR’s Luggage Side Assy Parts—an epitome of precision and innovation. Since 2010, we’ve been a premier trim component supplier, offering top-notch solutions. Our diverse range includes polyurethane foam, EP, XLPE, and more, surpassing industry standards. Committed to exceeding expectations, GBOGAR delivers high-quality luggage side assy parts, ensuring a harmonious blend of durability, style, and functionality. Trust us to enhance your automotive projects with our cutting-edge expertise in trim components.

Noise and Vibration Product Range

Polyurethane Foam

Felt and Filter

ept sealer

Polyethylene Foam

Rubber Foam Epdm Neoprene

pvc foam


rubber foam nbr. nr

tape adhesion & adherence

Air Filter Foam

rubber sponge eva

cured felt

Pet Felt and Blue Felt

Introducing GBOGAR’s Pet Felt and Blue Felt—a diverse range meticulously crafted for various applications. Our needle punch felt, available in black and varying thicknesses, offers durability and versatility. The TP Felt series, in white and black, boasts high GSM for exceptional quality. Elevate your projects with our premium cotton felt in blue, providing both style and substance. GBOGAR ensures top-tier materials and precise specifications, delivering innovative solutions for your specific needs in the automotive, telecommunication, and electronics industries.

EPDM-EVA-Rubber Spong Parts


GBOGAR introduces the epitome of comfort and resilience with our PU foam and XLPE foam, chip-bonded foam. Crafted with precision and innovation, these foams offer a superior blend of durability and flexibility. Our commitment reflects in the varying thicknesses, material quality, and colour options, ensuring these foams meet and exceed industry standards. Elevate your automotive, telecommunication, and electronics projects with GBOGAR’s cutting-edge chip-bonded foam, providing unmatched performance and style.




Discover superior adhesion and reliability with GBOGAR’s Tapes collection, featuring Nitto Tape and Sekisui Tape. Our tapes, meticulously crafted, offer precision in various applications. With a commitment to excellence, GBOGAR ensures top-tier quality, meeting industry standards. Elevate your projects with the versatility and durability of Nitto and Sekisui tapes, perfect for automotive, telecommunication, electronics, and more. Trust GBOGAR for innovative solutions and dependable performance in every application.

Quality Lab

Flamability Tester

Digital Vernier Caliber

Foam Hardness Tester

Thickness Gauge

Push Pull Gauge

Steel Rule

Console Arm reset-Wrapping Process Flow

RM Inspection and Storage

Fabric Cutting

Glue Spray

Oven Conveyor

Final Inspection


Back rapping Fabric Attaching

Fabric Attaching